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Claudia is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor based in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Hypnosis can be used to provide effective relief for a number of psychological and physical symptoms. During hypnosis your attention moves into a more focused state of attention on a subconscious level whilst you stop analysing and sabotaging your true abilities with your conscious mind.  Hypnosis is a  pleasant, dreamlike and relaxing experience in which you become completely absorbed, allowing you to implement the deep inner changes you are ready to make. 

"It's like getting caught up in a good movie that you forget you're watching a movie, and you enter the imagined world." Dr David Spiegel, Director of Stanford University's Centre for Integrative Medicine.


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

What People Say about  our Hypnotherapy...

Nicky Panagiotou

I saw Claudia for two sessions in early December 2016 for my addiction with sugar, in particular with lollies and it has been well over a year since I have ceased consuming not only lolly intake but sugary foods overall. I couldn’t be more thrilled as this addiction was taking over my daily life and I honestly thought I would never be able to combat it. Claudia was very professional and understanding with her approach to my issue. She listened and showed compassion and understanding in our sessions together which was very comforting to me. She was very warm, empathetic and provided me with assistance that I required using techniques that got to the core of the problem thus helping me release what I no longer needed. I am so grateful that I have finally conquered my lolly addiction which I have had since childhood. Since then I have lost over 20 kilos as my food choices are now a lot healthier than ever before.  Thankyou so much Claudia.

Sarah Miller

Thank you so much Claudia for helping me with my exams stress and the stress that comes with being a Medical student. I now have more confidence in myself but most of all you have given me a mechanism to cope with the anxiety of not doing well in life. 

Jan Khan

Thank you so much Claudia for changing my life for the better.

I tried many weight loss solutions but none ever worked and I would end up with extra weight gain.

So far I have lost 37kgs in 7 months.

For those that are thinking about it. Just do it!!! It actually works wonders. 

Sylvia West

Claudia is a wonderfully caring, intuitive and experienced councillor and hypnotherapist.

I saw Claudia for a long-standing issue that has affected many years and parts of my life.

This issue had gotten to a critical point, I felt it overwhelming me.

In just one session Claudia got the source of my issue and the therapy seemed to dissolve it and the discomfort it had been causing me that I had just become accustomed to.

I feel free from the old reactions, habits and predicable outcomes from the past that have kept me trapped in the discomfort of long ago events.

As this issue dissolved, it was like a domino effect in other areas of my life. What an amazing feeling of relief and freedom from old conditions.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to your help I will always be a better version of myself, much more relaxed and comfortable every day.

Testimonials Disclaimer

Testimonials included on this website are provided by individual clients, describing their personal experiences and results.

Your experience and results may differ from clients who have provided testimonials, due to your personal circumstances.


Our Services

Public Speaking and Exam Fear

Many students get anxious when it comes to presentations in front of large groups - hypnotherapy may assist in overcoming this fear and replacing it with confidence, assurance and self belief. Likewise, exams are often a time of high anxiety, and many students struggle to focus and the ability to perform to their best ability. Stress levels are high and prevent clear thinking. Hypnotherapy may alleviate the stress and leave you with a calm and clear thinking mind that performs well during those times when it is most important. 

Past Life Regression

With Past Life Regression Hypnosis through the Brian Weiss method you may access memories and lessons from a past life that could assist in better understanding significant situations in your current life. Fears, phobias or strong attachments to someone or particularly complicated and challenging relationships may have their original roots in a past life. Through this technique you may find the answers you have been looking for. 

Sheila Granger - Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) or weight loss hypnotherapy to assist in modifying your thinking about food choices and portion sizes. The health benefits of weight loss in obese or overweight people are well documented and acknowledged by the medical profession. Hypnotherapy can assist you in making weight loss a lasting change as it is not diet based. Likewise, ongoing lack of nutrition can have severe consequences for your health. Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to assist the body and brain towards healthier eating habits. Contact me or book today and receive your free VGB & hypnotic deep relaxation recordings with your first session. 

Thought patterns and beliefs that are no longer helpful can be altered, changed or indeed replaced to support the life that you desire. Self acceptance, self responsibility and self awareness all play a vital role in confidence. Hypnotherapy can assist in building self esteem and improving confidence through deep seated work on a subconscious level to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Make an appointment to see how this may assist you and receive your free hypnotic deep relaxation recording with your first session. 

Sleep plays a crucial role throughout our lives in helping to protect physical, mental, and emotional health; quality of life; and safety. How we feel when we are awake depends partly on what happens while we are sleeping, with damage from sleep deficiency causing not only daytime tiredness, but also interference with work, school, social functioning, and driving. Book now and receive your free hypnotic deep relaxation recording with your first session. 

Manage stress better and/or reduce anxiety to healthy levels. Stress or anxiety  may impact on your everyday life, or perhaps it is specifically related to a part of your life, such as study, exams, work or public speaking. Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you respond to stress and/or the way you respond to anxious thoughts or feelings. Some of our fears may be based on a negative experience, and we develop anticipatory thoughts and feelings that can cause a high level of stress and anxiety. Examples are car accidents, dental procedures, negative flight experiences, embarrassing situations and many more. Our brain is cleverly designed to protect us - by reminding us of something we do not want to experience again. This, however, can lead to reoccurring, obsessive and anticipatory thought patterns that can cause distress.  Hypnotherapy has a very relaxing effect, can improve overall wellbeing and release old and unhelpful thought patterns that are contributing to our stress and anxiety levels. Contact me to see how I may assist and receive your free hypnotic deep relaxation recording with your first session. 

Relationships can create a variety of problems - trust issues and jealousy, insecurity, fear of rejection or abandonment, being too dependent on a partner or the painful aftermath of a relationship break-up or divorce. Most people strive for fulfilling and lasting relationships and most of us experience some heart ache along this journey, defining our expectations and setting internal standards on others and ourselves based on our experiences. Some thought patterns outlive their purpose, in particular if we keep attracting the same type of personalities into our lives, which in many cases results in repeated negative and painful experiences. Hypnotherapy can assist to modify old, unhelpful thought patterns and help to improve relationships with all sorts of people. Hypnosis can assist in letting go of an old relationship that might still have some attraction but leads nowhere. Contact me to discuss how this may assist you and receive your free hypnotic deep relaxation recording with your first session. 

Trauma and PTSD can have an ongoing impact on a persons life, with flash backs that can catapult a person back to an event that perhaps took place many years ago and yet feels very real, including  images, smells & feelings. We all have memories, and as time passes, memories lose their impact on how we feel about a past event - as they say 'time heals everything'. PTSD is very different, due to the way the brain  stores and memorises traumatic events. The rewind technique is a gentle way to re-record a traumatic event, so it becomes a memory that eventually fades just like other memories do. The rewind technique does not require a person to relive a traumatic event, hence it is the most gentle way to process a traumatic event and let it take a back seat so you can move forward with your life. If you have experienced a traumatic event and it prevents you from achieving your full potential, contact me today to discuss this further and receive your free hypnotic deep relaxation recording with your first session. 

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